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New Oakland Child-Adolescent and Family Center

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is provided at New Oakland Child-Adolescent and Family Center. A patient can be either be referred from an outside source and tested by a psychologist at one of our locations, or be tested as part of the FACE to FACE Day Program. Psychological testing is based on medical necessity as prescribed by New Oakland's Executive Medical Director, treating psychiatrists or as recommended by the assigned clinical therapist.

In some cases, a child-adolescent will not meet the medical criteria for psychological testing/evaluation. If a child-adolescent has been tested within the past year, testing him again within a short time frame may be deemed unwise and inappropriate. In these instances, the testing psychologist in conjunction with the treating psychiatrist and/or Executive Medical Director will request previous testing results for use with treatment planning.

In all situations, the treating psychiatrist and/or the Executive Medical Director will work with the testing psychologist to identify the psychological battery of tests to be completed.

Once testing has been completed, a preliminary synopsis or a copy of the psychological report will be provided to the treating psychiatrist and/or the Executive Medical Director as well as to the treating clinician for treatment planning. Before treatment begins, a meeting with the parent/guardian can be arranged to review all the key test findings.

New Oakland Child-Adolescent and Family Center assesses and treats the mental health issues and crises faced by children and adolescents. Immediate action can return well-being to your family. See the "Contact" tab for the nearest New Oakland facility or call the 24 Hour Crisis Stabilization Hot Line: (877) 800-1650.

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